The North South Trade Corridor

Working with the Mid-America Freight Coalition, we developed a poster showing the importance of linking the Midwest and the Southeast into a single transportation corridor.  (You can download the 11X17 map here as an pdf format, which makes a great handout or poster for a breakroom, etc…)

The region is a critical driver in the US economy, accounting for roughly half the nation’s manufacturing, and contributing agriculture, energy and key economic drivers.   It is also interesting to see how may proposed interstate corridors link the two regions, including I-49, I-69 and I-73/74.

  •  Why develop this map?  The maps were designed to quickly convey the important of looking at the broader geography of linking corridors with various markets.  Normally, we discuss one corridor, or a national map, but such maps do not necessarily reflect the economic geography of the region.
  • And what do I do with these maps?  I use the maps in smaller presentations to discuss why we need to look at regional corridors as economic drivers.

In the next few months there are plans to more maps, including waterways, railroads, ports, airports, and other mega-region flows (Western U.S., Northeast) and to international markets.  As always, any suggestions or comments are appreciated!!


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