Driving Ourselves Crazy – We Knew the Destination, But Can We Get There?

When considering transportation projects, oftentimes there exists a disconnect between what we have already paid for and what we receiving now when we consider the gas tax.  Recently, the Gainesville Sun mentioned that with the infusion of general revenue funds, we are now living in a welfare transportation state.  This is a different take than the recently announced Transportation for America arguing that transportation development is a viable investment.  People do support transportation, but they are unsure if they will get what they are promised regarding transportation options.  (The majority of transportation initiatives passed in the November elections.) A 2011 Reason-Rupe survey, founds that most people want to invest in transportation, although they prefer tolls over increased taxes.

Well, the future “sell” for transportation maybe easier to make in 2015, especially if we have no new starts in the Federal Program in 2015 (based on Congressional Budget Office Testimony in July).

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