Latin American produce shipments

I was recently asked by someone if I had ever looked into Latin American produce trade, and I thought about the following paper:  “Technological and Economic Factors in Landing Latin American Perishables”, LSU Department of Agricultural Economics Research Report No 692.  This is an older study, dated back to 1992, although many of its conclusions are still valid.

The study’s main goals were to examine if Gulf Coast gateways could be more competitive in the Latin American fruit import trades, but the study also included other items such as horticultural greens and cut flowers.   In doing so, we discussed how  choices, ranging from shipper locations, mode choice, regulatory activities and even existing business relationships can complicate the ability of industries to move between different gateways.  The conclusions suggested it may be difficult for Latin American firms to move from their traditional gateways to alternative gateways for several reasons, and over 20 years later, the same market flows exist.

This study, written by Dr. Roger Hinson, Dr. David Picha and myself, was informative in shaping my view of the role of transportation and international trade.  In looking back at the report, I see things I may have written differently, but it was a great educational experience to a young analyst.

Sometimes, even years later, we still need to recognize to our mentors, and so, Dr. Hinson, and Dr. Picha, thank you.



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