“Beginning of Football Season” Lambert Langiappe – Sept 09

With Labor Day approaching, football fever is raging across the South.  Everyone, from young boys strapping on pads for the first time, to old men who optimistically cry “this is the year”, is waiting for the first kickoff. (Well, maybe not most wives and girlfriends.) But for most people, every offseason decision has been discussed and dissected. Now is the time to see if those decisions will get the desired results.

The interesting thing about football is that many of the people who frantically follow the game never actually played beyond tossing the ball with their friends. But that does not mean that amateurs cannot love and understand the game. I am always impressed with non-transportation people who discover, on their own, the value of the transportation system most simply take for granted. Wayne McCormick developed a website on navigation that deserves a visit! (www.AmericasMarineHighways.com). Wayne wants to contact various members of the waterway community to understand their opinions on what will keep waterways a vital part of America’s transportation network. He begins with three basic questions:

1) Is there the potential for Marine Highway Program in the United States?

2) What are the barriers to making it a reality on a larger scale?

3) Is the Marine Highway a part of a Nation Transportation System?

Cornel Martin, at a recent break at the GICA meeting, stated there is no reason we need to tell anyone to invest in transportation in America, it should sell itself. I agree, but like any good coach, it is our job to help others understand how transportation benefits us all. I hope you will take some time to encourage Wayne and others like him who see transportation as critical to our country.

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