“Changing Pork into Dinner”, Lambert’s Lagniappe, Dec 2009

After attending several meetings on freight during the past few weeks, everyone seems to agree that Freight will remain an important part of the future of the Southeast going forward. From the region’s ports, and airports, there seems to be some optimism that we have passed through the worst of the crises. But we still have a long way to go to move our economy forward. The irony is over the past few weeks, I read several editorials in the general press about spending needless money on infrastructure.

Recently, President Obama encouraged more exports to provide jobs for American workers. There is a need to strengthen small businesses in the region. These businesses need access to ports, waterways, airports, as well as roadways, to sustain trade. With an estimated 10,870 jobs created for every $1billion spent on infrastructure, there is a need to look at relinking access to infrastructure. The pent up demand to reinvest in our “needless” infrastructure is evident by the overflow of applications for DOTD TIGER grants earlier this year. People view infrastructure as a critical need for reinvestment. We need to not think of these as “pork”, but the promise made regarding America’s access to markets.

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