Trade with China Powerpoint

I developed the following powerpoint presentation when I put together the Chinese material for the newsletter.  I do not know if these slide materials would be useful, so I appreciate any comments, especially considering I do a trade profile every month.

trade with China (All units are in dollars) When you right click on the file, you have to change the file extension to pptx.

Here is the PowerPoint outline.

  1. Total U.S.-Chinese Trade, 2003-2009 (millions)
  2. Total U.S. Export Commodities, 2007-2009 (in millions)
  3. Total U.S. Import Commodities, 2007-2009 (in millions)
  4. Ranking of Top State Exports to China, 2009
  5. Top Gateways for U.S.-Chinese Trade, 2009 (in millions)
  6. Total Alliance Region Trade with China
  7. Based on Shipment of Origin Information
  8. Exports to China by State of Origin, 2009
  9. Top Exports from Firms in the Alliance Region, 2007-2009
  10. Total Alliance Region Trade with China
  11. Based on Shipments through Gateway (Ports and Airports)
  12. Total Alliance Region Gateway Trade with China, 2003-2009
  13. Total Alliance Region Gateway Export Commodities to China, 2007-2009 (in millions)
  14. Total Alliance Region Gateway Import Commodities from China, 2007-2009 (in millions)
  15. Top Regional Gateways for U.S.-Chinese Trade, 2009 (in millions)


2 Responses to “Trade with China Powerpoint”

  1. Sandy says:

    Was unable to view the slides when downloaded and unzipped.

    • brucelambert says:

      This is the first time I posted a pptx file, so I am sorry about the confusion. You have to actually save the file as a pptx (Changing the extension when you do your save as button). I don’t know why wordpress is defaulting to a zipped file format.