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Freight Advisory Councils – One possible template…

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

There remains a need to engage private sector businesses in examining regional freight needs, especially as their decisions influence cargo activity.  Given the interest in Freight Advisory Councils, which were encouraged in the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (P.L. 112-141) (MAP-21), there are many ways to address how to engage the public/private sector in examining the importance of freight project delivery.  (The Bryson’s 10 Step Strategic Planning Process is a very informative way to formulate strategic planning.)

The following provides some information to help you plan your own freight advisory council (FAC) meeting(s):

1. Some freight resources on public sector partnering with the private sector


2. One FAC Template used by Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development as prepared by ITTS

In 2008, LADOTD organized a freight symposium in partnership with Louisiana Economic Development.  The joint focus was to understand how transportation and economic development must operate together to promote Louisiana’s businesses.  While not a part of a traditional freight advisory council, the blended content sought to outline basic freight transportation issues while also capturing how transportation contributes to the broader decisions facing private sector operations.  The attached document was sent to the participants prior to the meeting.

LA DOTD asked ITTS to assist in organizing the meeting. The meeting was structured with round tables with a facilitator and a recorder at each table.  Each facilitator was given specific guidance on what to ask to engage the audience in the discussion.  Every table had both a map of the state (where participates could highlight a need or a project) and an easel to capture key points. (Participants had previously assigned seating to both ensure diversity while helping the sessions start on time.)  There was also a summary sheet for the reporters that was used in helping capture the various items that were discussed and in preparing the summary notes presented during lunch.

So, here represents a preliminary agenda…

                                              FREIGHT SYMPOSIUM

8:00   Registration and Continental Breakfast                                 

8:30   Welcome/Opening Charge—Governor, State DOT Director, etc.

9:00   Growing Business in LA: What Do Shippers and Carriers Need?

(This speech was to introduce the topics that were discussed in the first breakout session.  Should be 5-10 minutes.)    Breakout Session 1: Business Development Needs – Other Than Transportation

10:00   Break

10:15   Developing A More Efficient and Reliable Strategic Freight Transportation System—Speaker      

(This speech was to introduce the topics that were discussed in the second breakout session.  Should be 5-10 minutes.)  

Breakout Session 2: Transportation Needs                                              

11:15   Break

11:30   Lunch

Recap—Chief facilitator (here is a presentation I created from both hearing the comments made and from the reporters’ notes, which can easily be modified…)

Next Steps—State DOT Director, etc.

1:00          Adjourn

The findings captured some initial thoughts but do not reflect any official policy of Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. 

The materials were collected into a summary report that was never released, so they are not included here. Hopefully, one may find the format easy to administer while capturing useful information from the participants.   I would love to hear back from anyone who used this template.