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Bugs Bunny Would Enjoy Shopping Today!!

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

In reviewing this “Bugs Bunny” cartoon, I realized that Bugs Bunny benefited from omnichannel retail delivery when he ordered the earmuffs.

For those not familiar with the episode, Bugs Bunny’s banjo playing was interrupted by Giovanni Jones, an opera singer (You can read the full story-line here). After various attempts to satisfy his ire, Bugs finally appears as Leopold, the famous conductor, to extract his revenge.  With a majestic effort, Jones sustains his voice long enough to bring down the opera house, and himself, thus ensuring Bugs can play his banjo without interruption.

Bugs Bunny as Leopold…

While I still enjoyed the suspended glove encouraging Jones ever onward, I noticed the earmuffs, which would seem out of place on a conductor, only added to the humor.  Scott Adams explains that humor must meet several criteria, one of which is the bizarre.  So in the 1940s, it would be bizarre that a letter would be sent, with no visual payment made, and immediately a courier delivers Bug’s earmuffs.   But today, the concept of instantaneous delivery is becoming a reality, as credit lines makes eCommerce relatively easy and retailers now stock materials for local express deliveries.  Even the deliveries themselves can be made in many ways, such as by a company employee (a cup of Starbucks), an outsourced third party (Amazon), or potentially a drone or an autonomous car (Uber), but all with a desire to satisfy as your demand as quickly as possible.

While I don’t think I will live long enough to experience a rabbit conducting any orchestras (although I have suffered through a few animatronic dinner experiences), we have all seen what was once considered a bizarre joke:  integrated communications and delivery in real time.  So who is laughing now?