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“Everyone’s Ready to Play”, Lambert’s Lagniappe- Nov 2009

Monday, February 15th, 2010

It’s October, and the entire world is crazy. For sports, it’s the middle of football season, or should I say, the middle of the question regarding a playoff series for football or the BCS in general. Here in Louisiana, the Saints possibility going to the Super Bowl is a lead­ing story every day in the paper. For other sports, we are experiencing the hopes of a new season or the failures of the end of one. The World Series is going on. Basketball and hockey are also just starting their seasons.

In transportation, we are discussing what activities happened (or did not happen) during the Christmas shipping season and the timing of the economic recovery. The TIGER Grants have all been submitted, and everyone is hoping for progress on the reauthorization of the SAFETEA-LU or the highway bill. The ARRA funds have all been obligated, with some estimates regarding how it generated jobs related to infrastruc­ture spending.

It seems to be a time when everyone is waiting for something magical to happen, from the sports world to transportation. But despite the uncertainties of the economy and how our “team” is doing, there are some relationships that continue to exist. All of these things mentioned above require several things to happen. You have to have the right team, the right coach, the right objective, but mostly commitment (physi­cally and financially.) The Stimulus program demonstrated that the transportation industry is ready to carry out the necessary investment in our roadways and waterways, if given the chance. In some ways, the teams are ready to play; they are only waiting for the officials to show up with the game ball and a whistle!