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Superman and Infrastructure

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

This is a great cartoon.  No one wants to pay taxes, not even Superman.


Superman at the IRS

Superman’s view that government spending should directly be applied to his individual benefit reflects a common opinion concerning  why do we continue to require public investment in infrastructure?  So Superman’s challenge that he should only pay for what he uses reflects the question of public sector spending and how that ties into each individual person uses/requirements.

Obviously, everyone requires different transportation needs, needs that will change over one’s lifetime, but there remains a consistent expectation that one should enjoy both mobility and connectivity.  But like all taxes, the linkage between transportation taxes and investment is not equitable, not is there any way to really make such taxes neutral to all parties.   For example, the gas tax pays for transit programs and urban gas purchases indirectly subsidizes roadways in less populated areas.

But back to Superman.  Although Superman can fly, he needs access to goods and other services.  Someone made his costume. He still needs to eat.  As such, he enjoys the benefits that a modern society, one the depends upon public investment in infrastructure.