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May 21-23, 2018  - St. Louis, Missouri

This year’s ITTS Freight in the Southeast Conference will be as a part of FreightWeek STL, with the Missouri Department of Transportation serving as the ITTS Host State. Freight industry leaders are coordinating FreightWeek STL, a four-day confluence of industry leaders and influencers, to share ideas and collaboratively promote the forward movement of America’s freight industry. St. Louis Regional Freightway, Inland Marine Expo (IMX), and the Institute for Trade and Transportation Studies (ITTS) have partnered to develop an array of technical sessions concentrating on all facets of the freight industry. These events are scheduled May 21-24, 2018. Registration information will be available in the coming weeks. FreightWeek STL events will be held at the America’s Center Convention Complex and the Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel.

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IMX is the annual trade show for the inland and intra-coastal marine transportation
industry, and with the growing interest in promoting waterways for freight activity, the ITTS member states felt this would be a great opportunity to partner with both IMX and St. Louis Regional Freightway to focus not only on waterways, but also on general freight movement and economic development trends. This is the IMX’s fifth year. Review more at


Conference sponsor logos. Sponsors are Cambridge Systematics, HNTB, and HDR


These sessions were organized by ITTS. It does not include presentations/panels developed by other FreightWeek STL Groups. (Some panelists opted not to share their presentations while others did not use a PowerPoint.)

Tuesday, May 22

Breakfast: ITTS FAST Act, State of Freight Plans, Performance Measures

  • Brad McMahon, Federal Highway Administration, Moderator

  • Trung Trinh, Mississippi Department of Transportation

  • Virginia Porta, Arkansas Department of Transportation

  • Holly Cohen, Florida Department of Transportation

  • Jeff Purdy, Federal Highway Administration


The Interrupted Supply Chain


First and Last Mile: Short line Railroad and Terminal Connections


Unlocking the Mysteries of Corporate Site Selection

Return on Investment in Ports by Missouri Taxpayers


Wednesday, May 23 

FHWA/Marad/USACE Breakfast


Container on Barge


General Session: Agricultural Trends for Transportation


Update on the U.S. Economy


Autonomous Trucks


Truck Parking

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