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The current Institute for Trade and Transportation Studies (ITTS) member states are: Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.

ITTS member states map image.png

A list of ITTS member states, along with the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) members and state Department of Transportation website links, is provided below.

South Carolina Department of Transportation

Levi Woods

Freight and Waterways Administrator,


Louisiana Department of Transportation 

& Development

Jason Duet

Transportation Planner, LaDOTD


Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Jeremy Edgeworth

Freight, Rail, and Waterways Coordinator, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

 Arkansas Department of Transportation

Brad McCaleb

Division Engineer, Transportation Planning & Policy Division, ARDOT

Florida Department of Transportation

Thomas Hill

Systems Traffic Models Manager, FDOT

Georgia Department of Transportation

Ned Green

Office of Planning, GDOT

Mississippi Department of Transportation

Trung Trinh (Chair)

Freight Coordinator, MDOT

Missouri Department of Transportation

David Gray

Multimodal Planner, Intermodal & Freight Programs, SCDOT

Texas Department of Transportation

Member State


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